Etudes Sans Frontières – Studieren Ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.

You have great ideas, but lack the skills for implementation? Then apply for the qualifying year in Germany by Studies Without Borders!

Are you a student or recently graduate at a University in Chechnya? Are you curious about other cultures and languages? Are you motivated to be an active member of your society? Then the qualification year of Studies Without Borders is the right thing for you!

Studies Without Borders is a student-run NGO fostering students from countries affected by wars and crisis. In particular, we give scholarships to young citizens, which want to become active in improving the conditions in their homeland. During their time as fellowship holders of Studies Without Borders, e.g. during their qualification year in Germany, they acquire the necessary skills to this aim.

Our offer

The qualification year of Studies Without Borders gives young people from Chechnya the opportunity

  • to learn the German language
  • to gain intercultural experience
  • to try out different course at the University of Tuebingen
  • and to acquire new skills and experiences for their active participation in civil society.

We act as a sparring partner and mentor for the ideas of our scholarship holders, so that they can go back after one year with a clear idea in mind, how to become active in the Chechen society. We give them the possibility to acquire the necessary skills to implement their projects, offering special trainings and a network of experts.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for our one-year fellowships, you have to

  1. have completed at least two years of full-time studies at a state university in Chechnya (you can apply during your second year, but your scholarship becomes active only after completion by the scheduled time of departure to Germany)
  2. achieved above average grades during your university studies
  3. be highly motivated to get active in your society
  4. be willing to implement a concrete project of your choice in your home country, which aims in the improvement of the current situation

1 year fellowship for students and graduates from Chechnya – Call for applications

Studies Without Borders announces one fellowship for a qualification year at the University of Tuebingen in the academic year 2017/18.

All information about the scholarship can be found in our information booklet.

Application deadline is december 15 th, 2016, applications should be submitted online via our application form.

Please read the information in our information booklet carefully before you fill out the application form!

Attention: If you have trouble submitting the application form, it is often due to unrecognized file format. In this case, please convert scans, pictures and so on into pdf format and try again.

Please attach the following documents to your application:

  1. completed and signed application form “Anketa
  2. letter of motivation (please answer the questions stated in our guidelines)
  3. copy of national ID
  4. copy of passport, if you have one
  5. copy of birth certificate
  6. copy of middle school degree
  7. copy of university diploma, if applicable
  8. copy of transcript of records
  9. other documents you deem important for your application and which prove statements about qualifications, degrees etc which you made in your application form.

Only complete applications are accepted.

In case you experience trouble filling our application form, please contact .

The scholarship is addressed to persons of all gender. We particularly encourage people from disadvantaged background to apply.